About Me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and have been practicing in the South Florida area for 25 years. I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1992 from Nova (now Nova Southeastern) University. I am comfortable in both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral orientations, although my way of seeing things is generally more anchored in the former. During my career I have been particularly influenced by the work of C.G. Jung. Over the years, I have done much work with individuals and couples, dealing with relationships, self-esteem, depression and anxiety issues. Communication skills and the attitudes behind them have also become a very important part of my work, especially with couples.


For the last ten years, I have worked with many patients on the high end of the autistic spectrum. This population has become a particularly rewarding part of my clinical life and I find that the more experience I acquire in this area, the deeper my understanding becomes of certain unifying issues and problems common to those on the spectrum.

In addition, having practiced meditation on my own since college days, I have gradually come to utilize meditative techniques as way of helping patients who are either experiencing troublesome anxiety or having difficulty turning down the “chatter” in their heads. Teaching mindfulness meditation is something into which I have been putting increasing energy over the last five years.

Finally, I want to stress that the most important lesson I have learned through my years of practice is that the connection between patient and therapist is the most important predictor of success in therapy. It gives the process wings. Considering the high degree of depersonalization in today’s increasingly turbulent and frightening world, the strength of such connections is more valuable than ever.