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I am a licensed clinical psychologist and have been practicing in the South Florida area for 30 years. I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1992 from Nova (now Nova Southeastern) University. I am comfortable in both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral orientations, although my way of seeing things is generally more anchored in the former. During my career I have been particularly influenced by the work of C.G. Jung. Over the years, I have done much work with individuals and couples, dealing relationship, self-esteem, depression and anxiety issues. Communication skills and the attitudes behind them have also become a very important part of my work, especially with couples.


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Dr. Kraut has been my greatest source of courage (both through laughter and tears) and a trailblazer alongside of me on my journey to the balance I was seeking. I owe much of my growth to his expertise, although his loving heart would say that I did all the work!

– S

I speak for all of us who attended your meditation sessions when I say that we are now your fans. Your introduction to Mindfulness Meditation already appears to have helped many of our staff. Thank you!

– Garry Gewirtzman. MD

Dr. Kraut was recommended to me over and over again as I talked to friends about finding the right therapeutic fit. I found that working online wasn’t only more convenient for me, but also much more comfortable. Dr. Kraut is an incredibly skilled clinician, deeply empathic and insightful. He is authentic and transparent. Dr. Kraut walked with me to reach the other side of pain and helped me turn the hardest time in my life into the most meaningful and growth promoting time of my life.

– A

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